Overview of the Covid-19 Testing Service

Mediclinic understands the needs of corporate entities to protect their customers and workforce, as well as meet the current regulatory needs.

To support this, Mediclinic provides corporate screening for Covid-19, which is carried out in accordance with the leading international quality standards. Our central laboratory was set up in direct response to the crisis, and has the current capacity up to 5,000 Covid-19 tests per day.

Providing a seamless service, a dedicated team are responsible for the swabbing program, using the nasopharyneal swabs.

This service is provided to a huge variety of organisations of all sizes throughout the UAE, either at the corporate premises or at one of Mediclinic’s sites.


We have a dedicated team of nurses, physicians and administrators who are responsible for swabbing exercises. We have well defined protocols to ensure patients are properly identified (using two unique identifiers) and later registered on Mediclinic’s electronic health record. Sampling is done by trained clinicians using nasopharyneal swabs.

Testing Labs

All samples are processed in our molecular laboratories in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. That is how we ensure high quality and swift turnaround times.

Every PCR run includes a set of positive and negative controls to check and monitor PCR set-up and reaction. We also include an additional known negative and positive sample to verify the efficacy of the extraction procedure. Moreover, controls are checked and verified before releasing results. Our team also checks and verifies the Delta as well as correlate the history of the patient if required.

It is also worth mentioning that we do not use sample pooling in our labs. Each sample is tested separately using an FDA (EUA) and CE approved Covid19 testing kits which test two genes of the virus.

Results Management & Reporting

We follow a solid and secure protocol of test reporting. Covid-19 is considered as an infectious disease and follows the hospital infectious disease notification protocol. Each patient has a unique record number and unique episode number for each test ordered.

All positive Covid-19 results will be notified through the hospital infection officer to the official authority electronic website (DOH/DHA).

For corporate screening please contact:


Mediclinic City Hospital
Ahmed Kamil, Network Marketing officer
052 9030 557

Mediclinic Welcare Hospital
Sharanya Rao, Marketing Coordinator
04 213 7376

Mediclinic Parkview Hospital
Nermin Alyoussef, Client Services Coordinator

Mediclinic Dubai Mall
Lesley Lange
Marketing Manager
050 452 8301

Abu Dhabi

Mediclinic Al Noor Hospital
Roudaina Halabi, Marketing Manager

Al Ain Region:

Mediclinic facilities in Al Ain
Hassan Nammah, Public Relations & Events Manager