(Ref: PAINT012)

Dimensions: 50 cm x 70 cm

Price: 1600 AED

Artist: Farheen Abid

Disability: Hearing impairment

Farheen's captivating artwork of the red-lipped lady mesmerizes viewers with its bold brush strokes and expressive emotions. The limited color palette adds a bewitching quality to the piece, creating a profound impact. Inspired by fashion, the lady in the painting is drawn from a magazine, showcasing Farheen's passion for both art and style. Through her skillful brushwork and emotive portrayal, Farheen's artwork evokes awe and admiration, leaving a lasting impression on those who experience it.

How to purchase the painting

Contact Mahmoud via Mahmoud.Abdul@mediclinic.ae to submit your request for the purchase of the painting with the reference number and the painting’s name.

A payment link will be sent which needs to be processed within 3 hours of the receipt. If the painting has a red dot, it means that it has been sold.