Flowers in the Wind

Flowers in the Wind
(Ref: PAINT010)

Dimensions: 70 cm x 50 cm

Price: 1300 AED

Artist: Mahra Jabran

Disability: Achondroplasia

In this painting, Mahra has skillfully incorporated vivid red and yellow hues that captivate the viewer's attention. The colors are vibrant and bring a sense of liveliness to the artwork. Through her meticulous application of acrylic paints and the use of the tissue technique, Mahra has created a visually striking piece that is abundant in textures and shades. The textures in the painting evoke a feeling of flowers swaying in the wind, adding a dynamic and lively element to the overall composition. Mahra's artistic ability to convey movement and depth through her chosen techniques and color palette creates a captivating visual experience for those who admire her artwork.

How to purchase the painting

Contact Mahmoud via to submit your request for the purchase of the painting with the reference number and the painting’s name.

A payment link will be sent which needs to be processed within 3 hours of the receipt. If the painting has a red dot, it means that it has been sold.