The Dancing Flowers

The Dancing Flowers
(Ref: PAINT011)

Dimensions: 70 cm x 50 cm

Price: 2300 AED

Artist: Farheen Abid

Disability: Hearing impairment

This painting beautifully captures Farheen's joyous mood on a momentous day. The vibrant blend of colors in this artwork exudes a dynamic and inspirational aura, making it a truly captivating piece of art. Farheen employs acrylic paints and employs the technique of using a flat top knife, which imparts a sense of movement and evokes the image of flowers gracefully swaying in the wind. The combination of these artistic choices results in a painting that not only reflects Farheen's happiness but also invites viewers to feel uplifted and inspired by the lively and spirited atmosphere it portrays.

How to purchase the painting

Contact Mahmoud via to submit your request for the purchase of the painting with the reference number and the painting’s name.

A payment link will be sent which needs to be processed within 3 hours of the receipt. If the painting has a red dot, it means that it has been sold.