The diameter of your child’s head is already 15 to 20 millimetres. The profile of its face is clearly distinguishable, with a high forehead and a button nose.

The spleen, liver and bone marrow are developing a system for the formation of blood. The elbows, wrists and fingers can now be moved.

The embryo is capable of uncoordinated movements and follows instinctive commands from the brain such as sucking its thumb. To practice breathing it now also constantly swallows amniotic fluid, which it then excretes through its bladder. It can yawn or get the hiccups – all of which can be easily observed in the ultrasound images.

The first third of your pregnancy is nearly over, so the most critical phase for you and your child will soon be behind you. Your body has become used to the changes taking place. The worst physical symptoms, like morning sickness, are usually gone by this point. And from now on, the risk of a miscarriage is extremely low.

Your baby is about the size of a plum.

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