In the ultrasound images, it’s already possible to see the embryo’s face. The external parts of the ears, the top lip and the tip of the nose are clearly defined.

Dental ridges are forming inside the tiny jaw and baby teeth are beginning to develop. External sexual organs are becoming visible, however the embryo’s sex cannot be reliably determined until week 15 of the pregnancy.

The nerve cells try to make contact with neighbouring nerve and muscle cells. The nervous system is now at a critical stage. Its development can be seriously damaged by toxins and other harmful substances such as drugs, nicotine or alcohol.

At this stage, you might often feel incredibly hungry. You might have a desire to eat foods that you did not enjoy before you became pregnant. You could put on a significant amount of weight. Or nausea and a loss of appetite might cause you to lose weight. Weight loss and weight gain are both entirely normal during the first few weeks of pregnancy. Either way, it is important to make sure you’re eating a balanced and healthy diet.

You will become more easily exhausted and out of breath. And it’s not surprising: the oxygen you’re inhaling is also being used to supply the embryo. As soon as you do anything strenuous that requires more oxygen, you will feel out of breath.

Your baby is about the size of a raspberry.

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