Diabetes care is not confined to prescribing anti-diabetics and tracking blood sugar, it takes a well rounded multidisciplinary team approach to ensure care.

  • Screening, diagnosis and management with your physician
  • Complimentary first consultation with a dietician 
  • Complimentary first consultation with a diabetes educator to educate on diabetes management and how to use diabetes devices and monitor their medication 
  • Customised diabetes diet plan
  • Personalised journal along with educational material
  • Blood sugar tests
  • Regular follow-ups with your primary physician
  • Access to diabetes innovations and new technologies
  • Referral team available in-house

Diabetic Wellness Centre approach

  • PRE-DIABETIC PATIENTS need a diabetes prevention programme that includes healthy dietary changes and an exercise programme as well as close monitoring to prevent disease progression
  • DIABETIC PATIENTS need comprehensive care to understand and manage their disease properly. They need information about day-to-day processes (how to check the sugar, what ingredients to choose, what plate to order, when to take the medicine etc.) They will therefore be followed by a “primary team” of a diabetes educator, dietician, primary physicians and podiatrist.
  • GESTATIONAL DIABETIC PATIENTS (Diabetes in pregnancy) need close monitoring of glycemia during pregnancy and education on a low-carbohydrate nutritious diet to achieve good pregnancy outcomes. More so, they need follow-up post-delivery to ensure resolution of diabetes and prevention of recurrence in the coming years.

The aim of the programme is to try to decrease the burden of a chronic disease and provide patients with a team that can listen to them, educate them, support them, control their sugar and most importantly ensure that they are “well” and “healthy”.

Enjoy same day appointments with your doctor, dietician and diabetes educator upon availability.

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