The Rheumatology department at Mediclinic Dubai Mall deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases that cause pain, inflammation and damage to joints, bones and muscles, as well as other parts of the body.

With a team of expert doctors, state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and a wide range of different treatments such as medication, joint injection, physical therapy assistive devices and surgery, we can offer you the best rheumatic care available in Dubai.

  • We treat the following conditions:
  • Osteoarthritis: The most common joint problem. A degenerative joint disease that causes wear and tear on the joints, leading to pain and stiffness
  • Rheumatoid arthritis: An autoimmune disease that causes inflammation and damage to the joints, leading to pain, swelling, and stiffness
  • Chronic autoimmune diseases e.g. lupus and fibromyalgia: Affects various parts of the body, including the joints, skin, kidneys, and heart causing pain and tenderness
  • Gout and pseudo-gout: Caused by the build-up of uric acid crystals in the joints, leading to pain, redness, and swelling
  • Inflammatory spinal disorders
  • Osteomalacia  and other metabolic bone diseases
  • Connective tissue diseases
  • Inflammatory vascular disorders