The ENT department deals with all diseases of the nose, sinuses, throat, larynx and ears.

It can treat the most complex conditions medically and ,if required, surgically. Some of the common problems dealt with are sinusitis, tonsillitis, hearing disorders including otosclerosis, glue ear syndrome,etc. The team of ENT specialists can perform the following treatments and surgery:


  • Audiology testing - this measures the hearing level and determines the pressure in the middle ear
  • Simple middle ear fluid suction and insertion of grommets
  • More complicated ear surgery including ear drum grafting and middle ear ossicles reconstruction and mastoidectomy


  • Normal routine nasal surgery, nasal septum correction and turbinates
  • Vidian neurectomy (this operation is done in very few centres in the Middle East), this is an operation to treat the symptoms of nasal allergy (sneezing, blockage and running nose)
  • Functional endoscopic sinus surgery which treats and clears the sinus using an endoscope


  • Routine adenoid and tonsils removal
  • Vocal chord dysfunction surgery
  • Pharyngeal Surgery for snoring
  • Salivary glands surgery