Myth 1: I pass a lot of urine, so my kidneys are fine.
Fact: In the early stages of kidney disease, a person passes normal urine volume. Only at an advanced stage (stage 5) the kidney can lose ability to eliminate water. Only laboratory tests can rule out kidney disease

Myth 2: There is nothing you can do about kidney diseases
Fact: The fact is that you can help protect your kidneys by eating healthy, doing regular exercise, control blood pressure and blood sugar, keep a healthy weight, quit smoking, and don’t overuse pain medications. All these steps will help you keep your kidneys healthy and lessen your chances of getting kidney disease.

Myth 3: Dialysis is a painful procedure.
Fact: Not at all, Dialysis treatment is not a painful process. Patients may experience some headaches or cramps sometimes during the treatment but many patients live normal lives and usually Dialysis makes you feel better

Myth 4: It is not safe to donate a kidney.
Fact: If the general health of the donor is normal that is without diabetes or blood pressure it is safe to donate a kidney. Donors have led a normal life including marriage and childbirth, etc.

Myth 5: Islam forbids organ donation*
Facts: Islamic religion is clear and supports organ donation to save lives. Scholars from across the Muslim world have supported Organ donation and all related fatwas confirm that organ donation is in line with the Islamic teachings.