Donating a kidney to a family member in need is one of the greatest gifts one can give. It is a selfless act that allows the sufferer of kidney disease to avoid, or be free from, dialysis, and enjoy a higher quality of life.

Donating is a positive experience, but you must be well informed about the process, the risks, and the benefits before proceeding to the actual donation stage. 

An important fact that all donors must be aware of is that it is ILLEGAL and a CRIME to buy or sell organs. This is internationally recognized. A donor must be genuinely willing to donate to help someone. The donor is NOT allowed to receive ANY form of compensation for donating a kidney, this includes gifts of all kinds, money, loans, vacations, etc. The donor is required to disclose to the team ANY instances in which they feel pressured or intimidated by anyone, including the recipient, to donate. The transplant team takes great care in assessing the donor for potential inducement or coercion. This is one of the reasons that the testing process for all donors is very detailed.