Our highly experienced Endocrinology team has special interests in conditions such as diabetes, infertility, electrolyte disorders, pituitary gland disorders, obesity evaluation and thyroid dysfunction.

Our diabetes clinic provides care to patients using a multidisciplinary approach for the evaluation, management and education of patients with Type I, Type II and gestational diabetes. 


To improve the health of the diabetes-affected patients by providing the patient and the family with internationally accepted standards of medical care and supervision.

To supply efficient diabetes knowledge and support so as to enable optimal health outcomes such as proficient self-management and control of the condition.

  • To support the local government initiative of reducing the incidence of the disease by 
  • Increasing public awareness of the disease condition and its complications.
  • To provide appropriate education to non-diabetics on prevention steps.
  • To extend personalised guidance on incorporating lifestyle changes and continued monitoring.

Special services

  • Licensed Medical Practitioner/Specialist/Endocrinologist
  • Certified Diabetes Nurse Educator - provides diabetes education, management and support.
  • Licensed Dietician - provides patient education, counselling and support on dietary needs for specific diagnoses.

Patient relation coordinator which assists you with the delivery of information and access to health care.