Fetal Medicine is specialised care given to a mother who is going through a high risk pregnancy. The pregnancy is considered high risk when there exist certain potential complications that can affect the health of either mother or baby or both. In such cases a fetal maternal medicine specialist is there to provide care, whether the risk is during the term of the pregnancy, at the time of the delivery or in post-partum period.

The Fetal Medicine department at Mediclinic City Hospital provides prenatal diagnosis and fetal therapy as well as pre- and postnatal counselling about future risks and appropriate management. The following are certain conditions which can be diagnosed and for which appropriate treatment can be offered which may improve the outcome for the mother and her baby:

  • Fetal abnormality suspected / detected during ultrasound screening
  • Pregnancy complicated by a genetic abnormality (suspected recurrence)
  • Pregnancy complicated by possible fetal infection
  • Severe fetal growth restriction (most commonly presenting before 32 weeks gestation)
  • Twin pregnancy with complications
  • Triplet and higher order multiple pregnancy

The Fetal Medicine department at Mediclinic City Hospital provides the following advanced scans:

  • 11-14 weeks pregnancy scan
  • Detailed organ scan (morphology / anatomy scan) at 19 to 22 weeks
  • Twin / multiple pregnancies scan for chorionicity and triaging monochorionic twins
  • Growth and doppler scans
  • Fetal echocardiography
  • 3D / 4D obstetric scans
  • Cervical assessment
  • Gynaecological scans


Mediclinic City Hospital
Dubai Healthcare City – Building 37

Dubai, UAE

Email ID - MCME-MCITFetalMedicine@mediclinic.ae

Phone number – 800 1999