Welcome to Mediclinic City Hospital Emergency Care

Our team members are skilled at treating a wide range of conditions, diseases and injuries.

We are here for you when you need us, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We see a variety of conditions, from those that require urgent care to those that are absolute emergencies.

Mediclinic City Hospital is one of two internationally accredited comprehensive stroke centres in Dubai and we are also accredited by the Joint College as an Acute Coronary Syndrome Center (for heart attack and complication management).

We have a strong link with the community and have a seasoned experienced dealing with elderly, oncology and paediatric patients (from community level care to Paediatric ICU).

We work very closely with our Interventional Radiology team and many other teams to get opinions and input from physicians in all disciplines.

Urgent Care or Emergency?

Don’t worry, we look after both. Our triage team will help you to see the right doctor for your condition.  That is exactly what triage is there for.

What is Urgent Care?

Urgent Care is when you have an illness or injury like influenza or a sprain where you need medical attention but is not a life threatening emergency.  You may be seen by a Family Medicine physician, an Emergency Medicine physician or a paediatrician, depending on what you are coming in with. We will see you as quickly as possible in accordance with the severity of your condition.

What is an Emergency?

A patient having a heart attack, a stroke, seizure, severe infection or life threatening injuries.

These patients are our top priority where every minute truly matters.

What should you expect at your City Emergency Department visit?

Once you arrive our team will work to quickly assess your health and determine the best path for your care.

Registration: The Dubai Health Authority requires us to take a certain amount of information to enter you lawfully on the system and to provide the best possible healthcare for you.

Triage: During triage we check you in and get a quick idea of how you are and what is going on.  A necessary part of this assessment is checking your heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen levels, temperature, weight and height.  This assessment will then determine which stream of care will address your needs the best.  This could be the Urgent Care stream, the Emergency stream or sometimes even the outpatient department if it is most appropriate.

Evaluation: Your doctor and nurse will coordinate your care.  These are highly trained and skilled clinicians who will work out a care plan for you.  This may involve blood or other tests such as scans or x-rays.  A vital step often involves a period of observation to see how you are and how your condition is progressing.  Once results and observation are in the team will then determine what the best plan is for you.

Your Treatment Plan: This is specific to you. No one size fits all and your team will often give you advice and a plan that may be different to someone with something similar as it will be based upon your evaluation and you as an individual.

Discharge: The team aims to reassure you that if you are being discharged there is no life-threatening condition for you to worry about.  You can rest and sleep with ease having been evaluated.  The team will always work to make sure nothing serious is missed.  This may sometimes take more tests or observation but your safety comes first.

Admission: If the team feel it medically necessary for you to be admitted the team will coordinate the transition of your care to our dedicated inpatient teams and communicate with the relevant specialists to be able to look after you.

We understand that an Emergency visit can be stressful.  We are here to comfort you and offer guidance through the process during this time whilst providing you with safe care.