Mediclinic City Hospital has upgraded and expanded its Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) from 12 to 27 beds, making it one of the largest level three NICU facilities in the UAE. Comprising 17 Neonatal Intensive Care beds, two isolation rooms and 10 Neonatal High Dependency beds, the new NICU is a considerable step forward, both for the hospital and the country as a whole, in the provision of neonatal critical care.

At Mediclinic City Hospital we employ the latest medical techniques and technology to give the best possible care to every baby. We provide developmental care to minimise the stress of the NICU environment and enhance their physiological stability, protect their sleep rhythms and promote their growth and maturation. We also work hard to make parents feel like parents. We give special attention to bonding between the existing family and their new premature or sick baby. Kangaroo care is a unique way to promote bonding; we give both mum and dad the opportunity to hold their baby ‘skin-to-skin’ with the assistance of a specially trained nurse as soon as their baby’s condition is stable enough. Our specially designed breastfeeding cubicles with massage chairs and TVs allow mothers to breastfeed or express in comfort.