I had my kidney transplant last December 16, 2020, in Mediclinic City Hospital.
I consider this day as my second birthday and I cannot describe how happy, blessed and thankful I am for this great blessing of life I have received.

I have shared this happiness and blessing (I have also called this MIRACLE) with my family and friends and cannot praise Mediclinic City hospital enough on how they have helped me so much with this journey.

My last dialysis was on December 15, 2020 at Mediclinic City Hospital’s North Wing from 8am12:00nn.
I did not have any idea (even a little thought) of getting a transplant the next day until I got that call.
I was ready to wait for more years before getting a transplant.

So to continue, after my dialysis on that day, I immediately drove home to Sharjah.
When I was parking my car, I received a call from Sheena, the renal transplant coordinator and I heard the best news I ever received for 2020.
I bent on my knees and cried like a baby (sobbing). One cannot imagine how surprised and happy I was for this news.
I could not stop sobbing while calling my family. I did not expect it to come so soon and amidst this pandemic.

So after I packed my clothes, drove back to MCIT with my wife and 2 kids, and proceeded for admission.
I got admitted to the surgical ward on the same day. In the ward, I received excellent care and several visits from the physicians to prepare me for a big operation.
My vitals were stable until the day and time of my surgery because of the comforting words of the nurses and surgeons.
Their words were inspiring and motivating.

December 16 at 11 am, an hour earlier than my scheduled surgery, I was brought to OT.
The comforting words were never stopped coming to me from Mediclinic City Hospital staff and they were really helpful to keep me calm and ready.
I was deeply asleep during the long operation and I woke up after 4 hours in ICU.

In ICU, I could not imagine the care I received from the nurses. It was amazing and I salute them for that.
After 4 days, I got transferred to the ward where I received excellent care and treatment. From the management of my medications, diet, and recovery, I salute all the staffs who took part in my beautiful journey. I got daily visits from my surgeons and physicians and I could not thank them enough for extending my life.
I am lucky that we have an excellent kidney transplant team not only amazing with what they do but amazing with kindness and care.

I can keep writing about how great my kidney transplant journey was and even my post-transplant care but I can sum this up by thanking all the people involved in this beautiful experience. For me, this is not only a beautiful moment but a life-changing one. So I sincerely share my deep gratitude to my Mediclinic City Hospital’s team.
 I would like to also thank the donor’s family for helping me and giving me a new lease of life - from the bottom of my heart, “Thank you ”.