Your baby continues to store fat, so that its wrinkly skin gradually becomes smoother.

Now it can not only taste, but also feel pressure, pain and cold. It can see and actively moves its eyes around. Your baby can now also easily recognise your voice. If you speak to it often, or sing to it, you can observe whether it calms the baby down or makes it more active.

Your own body will also store fat, so that you have sufficient reserves for the breastfeeding stage after the birth that requires a lot of energy. That is why your stomach will start growing slightly faster than before.

This weight gain will also change your body’s centre of gravity and you may find you frequently have a hollow back (or sway back). If you can consciously try to keep your lower back straight, you can prevent possible back pain.

Between weeks 25 and 28 of pregnancy your baby reaches the size of an aubergine.

Baby Entwicklung Schwangerschaftswoche Aubergine 17