Your baby now notices changing colours and shapes, and can distinguish between light and dark. Soon it will open its eyelids.

The baby is intensively training its digestive system and urinary tract by constantly swallowing and excreting amniotic fluid.

The bigger the baby becomes, the less amniotic fluid there is surrounding it. Despite the lack of space, the baby remains active and makes its presence known by powerfully moving its arms and legs.

By now you have probably developed a good sense of your baby’s sleep-wake rhythm, so you know that it sometimes does not move for several hours at a time. If it has not moved for over eight hours, then it is advisable to see a doctor. The doctor will perform an ultrasound examination and most likely send you back home with peace of mind that your baby is fine.

Between weeks 25 and 28 of pregnancy your baby reaches the size of an aubergine.

Baby Entwicklung Schwangerschaftswoche Aubergine 17