Your baby is now well proportioned; it is nearing the appearance of a newborn through its constant development.

It frequently has its eyes open during the growth phases. From this point and until a few weeks after the birth, nearly all babies have blue eyes. Only then will the final colour become evident. The pigment which determines the colour of your child's eyes is deposited slowly into the iris as a result of exposure to light.

Your baby experiences your abdominal wall as mildly transparent; during the day, it can see a warm, red light. If you shine a torch through the abdominal wall, you may feel how your little one reacts to it. It often begins to kick and its heart rate increases.

Your child may still be lying with its head facing up and its tail bone facing down. When it kicks, you may be able to feel where its feet are situated. In the coming weeks, your baby will progressively move itself into an upside down position. Then you will feel the strong pressure of the head on your bladder and your baby's kicks against your ribs.

Between weeks 25 and 28 of pregnancy your baby reaches the size of an aubergine.

Baby Entwicklung Schwangerschaftswoche Aubergine 17