Your baby's lungs have developed further. Now you have the point at which premature babies have a good chance of surviving with a little support.

Although it is becoming cramped for the child in the uterus, it can continue to turn itself spontaneously until the 36th week of pregnancy. However, the baby is frequently lying with its head facing down. And even if it is not in this position, there is is still sufficient time: On the due date, fewer than 3% of all children are in the breech position.

The majority of pregnant women suffer from low low haemoglobin levels from this time as their body's own iron reserves are often depleted. If needed, your doctor can prescribe special iron supplements so your baby continues to receive an optimum supply of oxygen. This will also help to combat tiredness and concentration difficulties, and strengthens your immunity.

Between weeks 25 and 28 of pregnancy your baby reaches the size of an aubergine.

Baby Entwicklung Schwangerschaftswoche Aubergine 17