Some babies already have a thick head of hair at this time. But that is not significant. Many newborn babies lose their hair shortly after they are born.

The baby's lungs have developed further and the risks posed by a premature birth have lessened. However, your doctor would stop any early labour pains at this time. 

The upper edge of the uterus (fundal height) is now around 10 cm above the navel and can be well palpated. You now have a lot more fluid in your body than just a few weeks ago. It is normal that some of it collects in your legs and wrists (oedema), particularly if you stand for long periods. Put your feet up when you get the opportunity and give your hands a good shake – that can already provide a bit of relief. If you would like to prevent such symptoms, we recommend support or compressions stockings. 

During weeks 29-32 of pregnancy, your baby is roughly the size of a small pumpkin.

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