Your baby's bones are getting stronger. It requires additional calcium, which can cause the calcium level in your child's blood to be higher than your own.

For this reason, you should consume a lot of milk products or meet your increased need for calcium with effervescent tablets.

Thanks to your progressively thinner abdominal wall, more light is getting into your stomach. This helps your baby to better differentiate between day and night and thus find its own rhythm with regard to activity and rest.

Now you only have 6 weeks until the estimated due date. The amniotic sac can burst before the labour pains begin in around 10% of pregnant women. If this happens to you, your doctor will initiate birth within 24 hours to reduce any risks of infection.

Even if it only happens in a few cases, we recommend that you prepare yourself for a premature birth. Pack your suitcase for the hospital and also keep in mind formalities such as your maternity card (if you have it), the family book and possible hospital questionnaires.

During weeks 33-37 of pregnancy your baby is about the size of a honeydew melon.

Baby Entwicklung Schwangerschaftswoche Honigmelone 19