90% of all children already lie with their head facing down at this time.

And your child is now also settling into what is known as the foetus position because it has become so cramped in the uterus. It pulls its knees up, crosses its arms in front of its chest and hunches itself up at the same time. Your baby will slowly drop into the pelvis in the next few days in this position. False labour pains which can now occur regularly for several hours will help it do so. They will become stronger and more frequent the closer the due date comes.

If your child is positioned with its head facing up, this is known as the breech position (pelvic position). In this case, your doctor will probably attempt to turn the baby with what is known as an "external turn" so that it is optimally prepared for the birth. If your child has not turned itself into the head-first presentation (cephalic presentation) by the 38th week of pregnancy, your doctor will discuss the option of a caesarean birth.

During weeks 33-37 of pregnancy your baby is about the size of a honeydew melon.

Baby Entwicklung Schwangerschaftswoche Honigmelone 19