I am very pleased for being treated by the team of Dr. Alexandra Economacos and Dr. Annett Al Hamadi. Great team , very good assessment of the treatment applied.
I.C- 28th Sep 2020

Dr. Rabbia and her team are excellent. They have taken care of me from day 1. I felt like I was not treated like one of the patients but a friend. That relationship has helped me cope with the diagnosis. Dr. Rabbia is an excellent doctor. I would like to mention also Elsbeth who had been so sweet and supportive also.
Ms. J.B – 27th oct 2020

“The team was very good and I am really happy with the way the procedure went. The doctor was very thorough and let me know beforehand what to expect from the procedure. She also let me know what she was doing during the procedure which was extremely reassuring and comforting.  In addition, nurse Lotis also provided me with a comforting atmosphere during the procedure. Both the doctor and nurse Lotis made me feel like I was in good hands and kept asking me if I was okay or in pain which was very nice. Overall, the team was professional and comforting.”
Ms. M.S - Aug 2020 - for core biopsy (breast)

“I have done a procedure in the clinic here for cyst fluid removal by needle, without local anaesthesia and felt no pain. I feel much more relaxed as this fluid is removed. The pain of the needle is just the normal needle pain only”

Ms. Amal Boutrous – Aug 2020 - for fine needle aspiration

The clinic, staff and doctor , all are highly professional. The explanation given by nurse Lois, Dr. Adriana and Dr. Shaheena was done very well. You know what exactly is going to happen. You are never lost. Best team and hospital in Dubai”

Ms. R.D – Aug 2020

My first mammogram experience was today at 11 am on 4th august 2020 with Victoria. She was so friendly and walking down the corridor we shared a few jokes, which already made me feel so much more at ease (I was quite nervous). When she saw that it was my first mammogram she talked me through everything telling me what she will do and why. She said she will apply pressure and said why, but also asked me a couple of times if I was ok. I felt comfortable (in myself) because she helped me and guided me.I just want to say a BIG thank you to Victor and the team at Mediclinic for always treating me with such care and professionalism. It pays to travel all the way from Ras Al Khaimah”
Anna Helena Buys – August 2020- first mammogram experience

“I was so scared to do the mammogram, it was my first time so I could not sleep last night thinking it will be painful, but surprisingly it was not. I did not feel anything and the lady (Alina) did it very gently, so I think there is no reason to be scared when you hear the word mammogram because it really isn’t scary and I will definitely do this every year.”
R M – August 2020 - first mammogram experience

“I would just like to say how comfortable I was during my two full procedures. The staff eased my nerves completely and I really appreciated their friendliness and constant care they shown towards me. My mammogram and biopsy were totally pain free, I felt little pressure from the mammogram but no pain at all. My biopsy went very quickly. I was surprised how quick the whole procedure look and painless. I’d like to thank Dr. Alex, nurse Lotis and Radiographer Alina for their wonderful care and professionalism. They made me feel so at ease”
H.P – for Mammogram guided stereotactic biopsy

Dr. Economacos and the nurses Maria Lotis and Maria Victoria give me all the information needed before they start the procedure and handle me with care making the whole experience comfortable.”
M.C – June 2020 – for ultrasound guided stereotactic biopsy

Victoria made me feel very comfortable from my first step inside. All the team were every kind and positive. They were smiling and they did help me ease myself. Dr. Alex was very interested and did really care about me”
June 2020 – for sonomammogram and core biopsy

“I am very fortunate to have experienced the first class services of Mediclinic City Hospital in Dubai. I have attended the hospital a number of times whilst living in Dubai and am very impressed with the level of professionalism, courtesy and excellent facilities the hospital provides.

I am currently undergoing treatment for a breast related issue and I am extremely grateful, especially to Dr Rabbia Khan, Specialist Surgeon, and also to Dr Mahira Yunus, Consultant

Radiologist, for their wonderful care, compassion and carefully considered treatment of my case.

All of the staff at Mediclinic City Hospital have been very helpful, especially in what is an extremely stressful and anxious time”
L.A.W – August 2020

Very consistent follow up, genuinely concerned about the wellbeing. All the staff are super friendly courteous and create very comfortable atmosphere and all patients. Thank you Dr. Rabbia and all nursing staff. Special credit to Krystel, Ambily and Mona (wonderful!).
Ms. L.A – 29th August 2020