We at Mediclinic City Hospital support healthy aging. As we age, it is common for people to begin to experience problems with their memory and cognition.  However, this is not an inevitable part of ageing.  People can experience memory problems for many reasons.  It is important to investigate and diagnose the cause of a person’s memory problem as early as possible so potential treatments can be started.

The Memory Clinic at Mediclinic City Hospital is a specialised service led by Dr David Curran, our specialist Geriatric Medicine Consultant.  It provides in depth clinical and cognitive assessments of people suffering from memory problems.  The aim of the service is to provide early diagnosis with the support of investigative diagnostic tests.  This allows treatment to be started that can slow the decline of conditions such as dementia that cause memory loss.

Dementia is an illness caused by abnormal changes in the brain and is a common cause of memory loss and cognitive problems in people aged over 65.  The Memory Clinic offers medication that can slow the decline of this condition and holistic support to sufferers of the illness, and their families.

Being diagnosed with dementia is the start of a journey both for the sufferer and their family.  The Memory Clinic aims to partner with you and support you in this journey. Overall it is an essential resource for those experiencing memory disorders providing treatment options, lifestyle advice, nutritional advice and strategies to effectively manage your memory loss.  This will allow you to maintain your quality of life as best as possible and to effectively manage your condition.    

For bookings, call 800 1999