Paediatric endocrinology is the management of endocrine gland disorders in children. These endocrine glands are responsible for producing and excreting hormones that regulates many functions in the body. Unlike adults, children suffering from endocrine disorders require specialist care from paediatric endocrinologists as their disorders range from physical and sexual development, diabetes and other hormonal and metabolic diseases.

The paediatric endocrinologist at Mediclinic City Hospital is trained to treat and manage these diseases for children of all age groups.  Some of the most common conditions managed are:

  • Type 1 diabetes (juvenile diabetes)
  • Childhood obesity
  • Physical and sexual development disorders
  • Thyroid and pituitary gland disorders

At Mediclinic City Hospital, we offer comprehensive diagnostic screenings that allow our physician to detect conditions early, so an individual treatment plan specific to every child’s need can be planned.

In case of child being diagnosed with diabetes, our paediatric endocrinologist works with the  diabetes educator and also gets support from dieticians, to help educatre the child and parents about effective ways of managing their child’s diabetes and helping them in adjusting to this condition.