1. How do I know if I’m in labour?

Strong and regular labour pains that come in a pattern, are a sign that you may be in labour. Labour pain can be the the lower abdomen region or also in the lower back. It can start as cramps and then get stronger.

Your water breaking is also a sign of labour, and can happen at any stage of your labour, from the very start when you have no pain, or sometimes only just before the baby comes. The water should be clear, if any other colour, please come to hospital for assessment.

For more information on labour and signs of labour, please view the online class videos at the following link

2. What pain relief options do you have in the hospital?

We have both non medicated or medicated assistance for pain relief. You may use the shower for heat and water therapy, have your support person massage your back, or use active mobilization in labour. If you require other pain relief the option of Entonox inhaled analgesia, Pethedine Analgesia or Epidural is available.

Please visit the on line class video at this link.

3. Do you have a 24 hour epidural service?

Yes, we have a 24 hour epidural service with experienced Anesthetists available. Waiting time for epidurals can vary depending on the requests that day.

4. Can I use the Waterbirth Pool?

Yes, the water birth facility is now available with health and safety measures in place.

5. What do I bring to hospital?

Please see the WHAT TO BRING TO HOSPITAL list 

6. Who can come with me to hospital to support me?

During this time of increased health protection, we must limit who can accompany you into hospital. During labour only ONE support person can accompany you into the labour room, This person can not be interchanged through the day, so please prepare your family accordingly.

In the postnatal unit, both your husband plus another family member may visit you. However due to social distancing, your visitors must not be in the room at the same time, instead they must interchange their visiting times, It is also recommended for your second visitor to have a negative PCR test.

7. Can my children or friends come to visit me?

Although we discourage children visits to the hospital for their own protection, your children may come to visit you for short and supervised periods of time. Children should remain inside the room at all times.

To protect you and your new born baby, friends and other family members will not be permitted to visit at this time.

8. Do I or my husband need to swab for Covid?

As per the new DHA guideline PCR testing is no longer mandated for the pregnant patient or her support person prior to admission. However, if any person enter the unit symptomatic of Covid, they will be swabbed on arrival and routine precautionary measures will be put into place.

9. If I have a Cesarean, can my husband come with me?

Yes he may, upon the approval of your Doctor at the time.

10. Do I have to call the hospital before I arrive in labour?

No, you do not have to call the hospital to state you are coming for arrival, once you arrive and are assessed, your Doctor will be swiftly informed.

11. Where should I go once I reach the hospital?

If you are a booked C-section, please visit the ground floor admissions office once you arrive at the hospital.

For all labour assessment, please go directly to the 5th floor Maternity Department.

If you are LESS THAN 24 weeks pregnant with any medical complaint, you must go to the Emergency Department on the ground Floor where an Obstetric Doctor will see you for review.

12. What documents should I bring for birth certificate of my baby?

Please bring with you both sets of Emirates ID’s, both passports and an attested marriage certificate. After delivery you will be asked to fill your registration form and present these papers to the clerk. After this step you may use our in-house typing center for the completion of the process including translation, stamping and attestation.

13. Can I have early discharge from the hospital?

In this current climate, if patients are fit and stable for discharge, you can be discharged home earlier than your allocated length of stay, provided your Doctor assess you and your baby to meet the requirements for discharge.

14. What about Antenatal Classes or lactation assistance?

Our in-house antenatal classes held every alternate Saturday. To book you session click here
Our Lactation consultants are offering complimentary video sessions to answer any breastfeeding related queries, please write to MCH.Lactation@mediclinic.ae to book your private session. We also have Videos online that can be helpful to gain insight on baby behaviors, milk production, advice on successful breastfeeding and the many benefits of breast milk. Our lactation consultant will talk you through extensive information to prepare you for the first weeks of your baby feeding.
To view these videos, please visit link

15. Can I have a tour of the department?

Yes, the maternity tours are available every Sunday at 11 am and 4 pm and Wednesdays at 11 am with limited capacity per session, with prior appointment only. To book your appointment, email MCME-MCITMaternityUnitWardClerks@mediclinic.ae

16. Do you have a birth plan template I can use?

Yes please see the Birth plan here

17. Where are your Midwives from?

We have highly skilled and experienced Midwives from all over the world, who come from different backgrounds and speak more than 10 different languages! You will be well looked after by our compassionate team.

** All of the above are subject to change dependent on the current climate of health and ruling by Dubai Health Authorities