My wife and I would like extend our sincere thanks and gratitude for the high level and quality of service that was provided during the course of my wifes (Patient name- Aleena Najeeb Khan) pregnancy till the birth of our son Azlan Ahmed Khan which was on 03.10.21 at Mediclinic City Hospital. Dr. Kavita Goswami has been our symbol of strength during this journey who merely took our worries away and made sure we were in good hands and boy oh boy she really went above and beyond our expectations every step of the way. She was very well complimented by her nurse Rachel who also provided an outstanding level of service and really took care of us and guided us as well at every step while accommodating most of our appointments at our convenience as well.

We would also like to thank the midwives who took extremely good care of us round the clock once my wife was admitted and showed a great amount of patience with us and guided us thoroughly during the induction and labor process and most importantly would like to applaud their and Dr. Kavita’s efforts in ensuring a normal smooth delivery. Lastly we would also like to thank all the nurses and the housekeeping as well in the post natal ward for all their guidance and support with our new bundle of joy.

Mr. Zain Ahmed Khan- 1st Nov 2021

I met Dr. Kavita by chance in February 2020 when she was recommended for a last minute procedure I needed. After my experience with her I decided that I would definitely come back and see her when I become pregnant in future. I went back to Dr. Kavita in June 2020 that year. Throughout my pregnancy she was extremely professional and had a wonderful caring nature which always made me feel at ease. She was available if ever I had any questions or concerns throughout my journey. She delivered my first baby in January 2021 and was an amazing doctor and support and I felt safe in her hands. I would highly recommend Dr. Kavita to anyone having a baby.

Ms. E.N –April 2021

Thank you! We really appreciate the care and kindness. God bless you J

A.P, 31st March 2021

My Experience at Mediclinic for delivery of baby Lucas was great. DR. Kavita was a very attentive and helpful doctor. I felt comfortable and safe delivering at this hospital. The midwife Tillila was also great, she took care of me for 7 hours until delivery. Always very kind and helpful. Thank you Mediclinic City Hospital.

G. L , March 2021

We would like to Thank Dr. Kavita Goswami and Rachelle Rizon for their tremendous help and support throughout my pregnancy and after delivering my second baby. It was stress free, Dr. Kavita especially is always approachable and goes out of her way to help always.

March 2021

It was really nice experience overall here in Mediclinic. Dr. Kavita and nurses Rachelle were really caring and informative. Always prompting me to ask anything that worries me. I even had a amazing experience with delivery. The midwife helped me lots, going miles to make me comfortable and always made me feel like am doing something amazing. She (Karen,midwife) is one the reason that I could overcome my contraction and deliver my baby safely.

Remila – March 2021

Dear Mediclinic City Hospital, thank you so much for the amazing love & care and making it a pleasantly memorable journey. We would like to thank the wonderful people of the entire birthing center – to my angel in disguise Doctor Kavita Goswami, Dr. Valentina Giaccaglia, all my midwives, my Lactation consultant Zahra Mokhber.
Being a first time mom, I had endless questions and jittery nerves. Every time I had questions Dr. Kavita was always there with answers to put me at ease. She went above and beyond as a doctor and always gave me a feeling of being in a good and safe hands. Our little bundle of joy arrived over a month early and my I could not have done it without her encouragement. When I was in a lot of pain and going through the birth, I still was laughing with her. That very special moment she made me feel very comfortable, easy & relaxed. Truly her love and care made us indebted to her.
In addition to this, she also extended her hand when I was suffering from heavy blood loss in my post delivery and introduced me to Dr. Valentina Giaccaglia. I am also indebted to her for the personal and tailored support & guidance she provided me at crucial moments.
A very special thanks to the whole team of midwives, especially our midwife Erin, who was very loving and patient throughout my journey. Thanks to my lactation consultant Zahra for her amazing tips on how to take care of my baby and myself. Her online feeding classes were very helpful to feed my baby.
At the end, I am writing this testimonial to recommend Mediclinic City Hospital to all the readers out there. Starting from my maternity to the delivery to post delivery help, guidance and support were exceptional. Our every need was met in a caring and professional way. Everyone, from the doctors to the support staff were genuinely caring and kind. The multinational midwives were excellent at encouraging and suggesting methods that might work in the care of our child and were extremely professional in the way they conducted themselves. The online antenatal classes were very informative and prepared me well for things to come as a surprise at the last stage. Thank you Mediclinic City Hospital team.

Mrs. Hasbina Mahbub 4th February 2021

Big thanks to Mediclinic City Hospital. I had two wonderful experiences with Dr. Kavita and her team, they were super friendly and very professional in helping and guidance throughout my two pregnancies and deliveries of my two daughters. I had the same midwife Ilaria for my two deliveries too, she was excellent, a very gently person and she made my journey in the labour room much easier.

Ms. Angela Shao- 22nd Feb 2021

The midwife team  at Mediclinic City Hospital were amazing and took great care of us during labour and delivery. Special thanks to our midwife Mia, who was very lovely and patient throughout-

Mr. M.A- 20th September 2020

Very satisfactory and convenient stay at City Hospital. Very happy with the staff and doctors. Very thankful.

Mr. V.G- 19th September 2020 

Dear City Hospital family, Thank you so much for the super special cake. You are angels; Love from Baby G, Mommy and daddy.

Ms. C.A – 18th September 2020

When I was walked in Mediclinic, I was all nervous about how my experience is going to be since it is my first baby, however, the midwives, nurses, doctors and all the staff were so welcoming and supportive that my entire delivery went smooth and I am really thankful to all who were part of the process for making it happen and for brining my baby girl in to this world. Thank you to the whole team of Mediclinic.

Ms. Alisha Silvia – 18th September 2020

It was a very peaceful and fulfilling experience. Very thankful to Mediclinic team for making it a pleasantly a memorable experience.

Ms. T.M – 17th Sep 2020

Dr. Annabella and her team were very professional in helping and guidance throughout the entire process. Ms. Mia and Georgette were excellent this entire time too.

Ms. N.D- 02nd Sep 2020

I will highly recommend to family & friends. From start of my maternity to the delivery of our baby boy. Our baby boy and myself were given the best care making sure that everything will be okay. Thank you all the doctors especially Dr. Anna David who helped us a lot and explained clearly my situation (PIH) and to all the nurses for their unconditional support and help, giving tips on how to take care of my baby and myself.

M.L– 28th Aug 2020

Very good service starting from labour to postnatal. The staff is very friendly and experienced. Dr. Elsa is great. Greatly recommend this hospital to everyone.

Ms. Deepika Chauhan – 27th Aug 2020  

We would like to take this opportunity please to thank Mediclinic hospital for the amazing love and care that shows professionalism , respect and team work; very well done for everyone and special thanks to Dr. Kavita and midwife Emma

Ms. E.B – 20th Aug 2020

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