The Contact Lens Clinic is managed by a team of qualified Optometrists and is dispensing a variety of lenses types which include Soft, Rigid Gas Permeable and Hybrid contact lenses.

Our Contact Lens Clinic serves a variety of special needs like Cosmesis Enhancement, Refractive Error Correction and therapeutic indications. The soft contact lenses are available in a multitude of types based on the wearing schedule like daily disposables, biweekly, monthly or yearly ones. There is also a large selection of soft lenses for correction of low to moderate levels of astigmatism called Toric Contact lenses.

Orthokeratology is a novel service performed in our clinic by our FDA certified contact lens specialist. This a technique employing specially designed “Reverse Geometry” RGP lenses to correct low degrees of myopia and astigmatism.RGP lenses are also available as a treatment of choice for correcting high astigmatism especially in certain corneal conditions. These lenses are worn overnight and correct the refractive error during sleep. This is intended for teenagers who prefer not to wear glasses and do not want the hassle of wearing day time contact lenses.