The Oculoplasty department deals with various cosmetic and non-cosmetic conditions affecting the eye and its adjoining structures, especially the lids and the orbit of the eye.

Our Oculoplasty specialist’s expertise lies in the evaluation and medical or surgical management of these conditions like squint, drooping of lids (Ptosis), Blepharoplasty, tear duct disorders, orbit fractures and other orbit related problems like Thyroid Ophthalmopathy, tumours etc.

With the use of diagnostic tools and techniques like Orthoptic Work-up, Hess Charting, prisms, Exophthalmometry and imaging, detailed evaluation of these conditions is possible. 

Various treatment modalities in the form of squint correction surgery, lid surgery, orbital surgery and Botulinum injections (Botox), can be performed by our Oculoplastic Surgeon.