Dear Dr. Karl,

I am very grateful for being under the care of such an experienced and capable doctor. Thank you for performing this surgery and for giving me a new chance at life. 

Thanks for giving me your attention and making everything a peaceful experience for me. Your kindness gave me more hope than ever. Thanks for such a legacy. Thank you so much for excellence during the surgery. You made me believe that I could be better and so I did. I am extremely thankful for your service doctor. I have been under the careful watch of a doctor like you, so I associate surgery with a healthy recovery. Thank you very much, Doctor Karl. 
Mr. Omar Al Shamsi & family- 2nd Oct 2020 

Dr. Hesham treated my hip that have been giving me pain for years. I have been to many Drs before that but never have been treated. I am completely back to normal and enjoying sports. On another occasion, I called Dr. Hesham for calf emergency injury where I was in severe pain. He acted amazingly kind and professional. He treated my calf and kept following up with me and made sure I am ok and answered all my questions. Dr. Hesham is a blessing and I am grateful that I came to know him.
Ms. AW – 1st Oct 2020

I had a very serious accident - had my left hand broken into two places - and was rushed into Mediclinic City Hospital Emergency a year ago, Thankfully, I was placed in the hands of the best professional orthopaedic surgeon. Dr. Hesham Al Khateeb, who magically with his special care, attention and right treatment for nearly three months brought my hand back to its normal condition. His pleasing and humorous personality put me at ease from the very moment I saw him. I have recommended him to my friends who also visited him and was very happy with the treatment.
Ms. M.C- 15th September 2020

I would like to first share my gratitude for the excellent work that you (Dr.Karl) have done on my knee. His professionalism and great attitude have really demonstrated that.

MEDCLINIC should be fortunate and proud to have him as one of their doctors. 

I had the chance to meet him 3 years ago during my son surgery when he was 4 years old at that time. Which by the way, was also a huge success. My son, till this date, he keeps calling Dr. Karl as his doctor...He says my Karl :).

I am really fortunate to have had the chance to meet you. He is truly an excellent doctor...without any doubt. I would like to also thanks to MEDCLINC CITY HOSITAL for the excellent service that they have provided during my stay at the Hospital. 
Please pass my salute to the whole staff that were part of the successful Operation.

Thank you and wish you all the best.
Mr. Wael Jouni- 8th August 2020

Hi, my name is Gert Coetzee and I love sport and mainly competing in triathlons. I also completed my first Ironman event in South Africa during June 2018. Due to an unforeseen road cycling accident I became a patient of Dr. Murad Abdunabi. I met Dr. Murad on 25 November 2019 in the emergency room of Mediclinic City Hospital, Dubai.

The next day Dr. Murad performed surgery on my right femur and he assured me I would be back on my bike in eight months (not really what I wanted to hear). The surgery went well and my road to recovery started.

I visited Dr. Murad often to see how my recovery progressed and with great care, professional advice and excellent service from Dr. Murad and his team I am extremely satisfied of where I find myself exactly eight months after the procedure.

I am back on my bike and completed my first long distance ride of 80km on 6 July 2020. I am also back running on the treadmill with minimal pain or discomfort.

I would like to thank Dr. Murad and his team for their care during my recovery time, because without their care and professional advice I might not have been able to return to compete in the sport that I love.

 Mr. Gert, August 2020

I met Dr. Ashish Soni at Mediclinic City Hospital for a second opinion after being recommended an ACL surgery + meniscus repair by the first Orthopedic I'd seen. I am so glad that I met Dr. Soni before plunging into a decision. He performed a thorough check-up and advised that I just have a minor degeneration of meniscus; no damage to ACL, there is no surgery is required! Can you imagine? A surgery + 9 months of rehab vs nothing doing! I am so truly grateful and highly recommend Dr. Soni. It's so rare to find honest doctors lately and he is a gem! Not to mention his friendly persona!
Mr. M. B- Aug 2020

I did a lot of research when I was considering surgery for my torn meniscus, I came across a lot of different doctors whom I visited before finalizing Dr. Ashish as my doctor.
There are a number of reasons for my decision and I hope if you have the same questions or concerns, this will help.

1. I was not sure about surgery, unlike other doctors I visited, Dr. Ashish read my report and was able to tell me that surgery was not needed as long as I'm not active but was necessary for me to get back into sports and living healthy

2. He ran a full assessment and didn't show any signs of just forcing me into surgery but rather sat with me and explained everything to me. His analysis were new, no other doctor examined my knee the same way and this built my confidence instantly.

3. He is super friendly and was very professional with the way he answers question. I HAD A LOT OF QUESTIONS. Other doctors told me that they know what they are saying and I need to do surgery without really answering my concerns (they were always in a hurry)

4. MOST IMPORTANTLY, he is a meniscus expert, meaning unlike others he will actually try his best to save your meniscus rather than cut it out like other have suggested. This is really important to consider as you don't want to have other issues as you get older.
Mr. R. A- Aug 2020 

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