Whether you are a Professional athlete or amateur, male or female, paediatric or adult - Our multidisciplinary team of Internationally renowned Orthopaedic Sports Surgeons, Sports physicians & highly specialised physiotherapist work together to enable you to return to same or better level of performance.

Our experts use cutting edge technology and science-based rehab which can speed recovery, restore function and prevent further injuries.

We provide comprehensive, highest quality, evidence based, non operative and operative care to whole spectrum of sports related injuries.

Apart from treating major joints like Knee, Shoulder and hip, we also have expertise in dealing with injuries like proximal hamstring, pectoralis or latissimus dorsi ruptures. Here are some of the common injuries, we treat:


Anterior Cruciate ligament rupture – Paediatric and Adult
ACL re-rupture after previous repair/ reconstruction
Meniscus Injury
Cartilage injury
Patella dislocation
Posterior Cruciate ligament injury
MCL or LCL injuries


Shoulder instability/ Dislocation
Rotator Cuff tears
Acromioclavicular joint Dislocation
Biceps rupture
Pectoralis Major rupture


Labral Tear
Hip Impingement / Femoro-acetabular impingement
Gluteus Medius tears
Proximal Hamstring ruptures
Adductor tears