We welcome the opportunity to provide clinical or central fabrication services at your convenience. Our team of experienced technicians and clinicians can accommodate visits across the UAE and GCC. Our streamlined courier arrangements ensure an efficient delivery process. All the techniques and devices we produce for our own patients can be produced for other facilities.

 Many are finding the ease and expertise of Mediclinic Orthotic Prosthetic Services more cost-effective and more specialised than doing it themselves. We offer a full line of orthotic prosthetic services from scanning your positive or negative cast, working with your scans, modifying and carving a model, pulling sockets or laminating and setting up all components. All the technology discussed throughout this website including carbon pregpreg and extensive component selection is available.

For a professional consultation please contact Mediclinic Orthotic Services on 04 555 9122 / 056 226 7104 or email mcme.oandp@mediclinic.ae.