The truth is many people that suffer from foot problems who are anxiously looking for a solution. With all the different products advertised for relief of foot pain and deformities, picking the right one for your needs can be confusing and difficult. It is sadly true that the vast majority of products currently sold as foot pain solutions are not evidence-based, especially in eliminating the problem long-term. So how do you find what is right and effective for you?

Foot Pain and Orthotics

The Main Problem: Over-Pronation (Flat feet)

If you are like the majority of people with some degree of arch loss, either from birth or over time, there are some important facts you need to know before you can make an informed decision. All of the common foot problems, such as bunions, plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, calluses and corns, etc. are usually related to a lack of enough arch in the foot when we are standing, walking and running (weight-bearing activities). In fact, knee hip and back issues often has a direct relation to poor foot posture as well.

There are a number of reasons why most of us have some degree of flat feet, and why we start facing issues as we age. Though each person’s case is individual, these factures result in the ligaments that support the bones of the foot getting stretched and the arch dropping. The resulting poor foot posture means the joints, ligaments and muscle function is compromised, including at the ankle, knee and further up the chain. 

Standard Custom Orthotics

Standard custom orthotics typically use wedges under the heel and forefoot to try to correct foot function. Usually the arches in these orthotics are insufficient or the material it is made from too soft to maintain the required support. More importantly these standard orthotics fail to change and improve foot posture.

Mediclinic Custom Orthotics

Mediclinic prides itself in proving the best possible custom foot orthotic solutions. Our clinicians follow a detailed assessment and biomechanical screening protocol that may include gait and running analysis. Orthotics are made using industry leading methods. The process starts off with capturing the foot in the best possible anatomical position, and manufacturing a dynamic orthotic that maintains this foot posture comfortably and effectively.

Other Problems: Over-Supination (High-arched, rigid feet)

A small percentage of people have the opposite problem: their arches are too high and rigid due to tight bone structure. Their feet are very poor shock absorbers and all the force of body weight and gravity is concentrated on a few points at the bottom of their feet. In these cases a full contact custom orthotic design is effective and re-distributes foot pressure evenly across the entire sole of the foot

The Results

For an orthotic to be successful it needs to improve the foot posture and function, it needs to be comfortable to wear and needs to practical for everyday use. At Mediclinic we strive to attain these goals. Out team of experienced clinicians welcome to opportunity to discuss this in more detail and provide advice to people with foot problems, suffering from lower limb biomechanical issues and athletes. 

Mediclinic Custom Orthotics:

  • Conform perfectly to your corrected arch for support
  • Custom calibrated for your weight and activity levels
  • Engineered to actually control foot function, not just cushion it
  • Captures the foot in the ideal position for weight-bearing activities
  • Top quality materials

For a professional consultation please contact Mediclinic Orthotic Services on 04 555 9122 / 056 226 7104 or email