Mediclinic’s Neuroscience Centre facilitates disease-specific, patient-focused care based on a comprehensive approach. The multidisciplinary team includes more than 50 medical, surgical and clinical consultants with experts dedicated to the treatment of adults and children with neurological and psychiatric disorders.

Establishment of the Neuroscience Centre allows our patients to have better access to the care they need through specialised, multidisciplinary, disease-specific care. This approach allows us to integrate the expertise of neurologists, neurosurgeons, neuro-radiologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, and many others, into the comprehensive care of a single disease.

Five fascinating facts about our brain:

  • The human brain keeps developing until the age of around 50
  • When we’re awake, our brain creates enough electricity to illuminate a small light bulb
  • The brain is made of 60% fat
  • The smell of chocolate triggers brainwaves that have a calming effect
  • Every time a memory is created, new connections are made in the brain