By Mr. Timothy Sinclair

For many years I have suffered from tinnitus (perception of noise or ringing in the ears), but since there was no treatment for it, just management for its relief, I had grown used to it without it impacting my quality of life. However, in September last year I noticed that the level of ringing suddenly increased and I started getting these sharp headaches in the right side of my head. At the time I had a bit of a cold and the coughing exacerbated or brought on the headaches. Typically the pain was sharp and had sudden onsets which subsided after a few seconds. 

Considering my mother had suffered an aneurysm and as these headaches persisted along with the increased level of tinnitus I sought medical advice. 

I met Dr. Kais Nouri first who is consultant neurosurgeon at Mediclinic City Hospital. He ordered an MRI which confirmed the diagnosis of a dural anteriovenous fistula which was prominent on the right side of my head. After this I had an angiogram done in order to further study this condition.

After getting a second opinion and the diagnosis, I had to weigh my treatment options knowing that my aty fistula was level 1 and the decision of my treatment will impact my quality of life.

I was then recommended Dr. Alessandro Terruzzi who is a consultant Neurologist at Mediclinic City Hospital. After meeting Dr. Alessandro and Dr. Rosario Papa (Consultant Neuroradiologist), a final decision was made.

Since I am an academic and was finding that both concentration and clear thinking was becoming more difficult with these symptoms I elected to proceed with the surgical procedure for the embolisation of this atv fistula.  I underwent the procedure on the 11th December 2019. The treatment entailed the delivery of a liquid embolic through catheters inserted into my femoral arteries and veins.  Apparently the op was completed without any complications and all the offending shunts of the fistula were occluded. I woke up in the ICU ward and remained there a day, then following one more day on the ward I was discharged in the evening of 13th December. 

I noticed as soon as I was conscious that the headache was clear and the tinnitus had subsided considerably. The headaches have not returned but I do still have some tinnitus but it’s not at a level experienced just before the fistula was diagnosed and is not a bother

I am pretty much back to normal now. All credit to The Lord God for his hand in guiding me through the medical maze and consultations and granting the medicos the wisdom their skills and steady hands during the procedure. Also my rapid recovery!  (Prayers of the saints answered Amen!)  All the doctors involved here were most supportive and forthcoming with clear answers to our questions, we found their knowledge and confidence most helpful in making the decision to operate.

There was a time when I was considering going to Australia to get my treatment where I have my family who can support my wife Sherry should things go pear shaped, however, given the professionalism and access to state of the art equipment that Mediclinic City Hospital and the doctors involved offered we are glad to take the decision of getting it done here.