Our dialysis unit is led by well trained staff with extensive dialysis experience.

Our dialysis machine can provide safe dialysis as it has several alarms to monitor the dialysis treatment continuously.  We have the latest dialysers (filters) and bloodlines which are manufactured using heat and gamma radiation for sterilisation without the presence of chemicals such as ethylene oxide which can cause allergic reactions in dialysis patients.  We also we have a water purification system which provides purified water to the dialysis unit that is monitored closely to make sure it is free of chemicals, bacteria and endotoxins.  We also follow a strict infection control policy to prevent infections or transmission of infections among patients.

Dialysis unit is open Saturday to Thursday from 7.30am to 7:30pm.

Good quality and effective dialysis: To achieve this aim we have different kinds of dialysers (filters) which are able to provide effective dialysis. We monitor efficiency through an indicator on each dialysis machine which shows the amount of blood cleansed during every dialysis session.

Comfort and privacy:  To achieve this aim we have a separate dialysis area for each patient with a fully functional hospital bed with large screen TV. We also provide a complimentary customised meal from our dialysis patient menu that is prepared and approved by our dietician.  

Effective dietary monitoring: To achieve this aim our dietician visits all patients on a monthly basis after viewing the lab results.

Availability and flexibility:  To achieve this aim our consultant nephrologist is always available, visiting patients at least once weekly and comprehensively reviewing their condition on a monthly basis. 

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