Paediatric surgery services available at Mediclinic Parkview Hospital

Age Criteria: 0-13 years.

*Pregnant women with fetus diagnosed with congenital anomalies.

  1. All types of hernias
  2. Hydrocele
  3. Undescended testis
  4. Swelling of the genital and inguinal area
  5. Constipation and anal problems
  6. Subcutaneous abscess and infection
  7. Lumps and swelling of the body e.g. neck, head
  8. Hemangioma
  9. Circumcision 
  10. Paediatric urology 
  11. Abdominal pain
  12. Bleeding from the rectum and anal canal
  13. Greenish vomiting
  14. Ingrown  nails 
  15. Congenital anomalies of newborns and children
  16. Insertion and removal of port a cath
  17. Trauma and suture of skin lacerations
  18. Head injuries
  19. Foreign bodies