At Mediclinic Parkview Hospital, we are committed to ensuring our patients receive the highest level of personalized service.

We are avid supporters of breast screening programmes and advise all our patients to conduct annual checks and undertake self-examination of their breasts. Our dedicated and highly trained team is dedicated to fighting breast cancer by raising awareness, offering early detection, timely diagnosis and effective medical treatment guided by best practice.

We offer a comprehensive spectrum of services ranging from screening and checks, to breast imaging (ultrasonography, mammography and MRI) and diagnostic procedures.

We offer mental and psychological support throughout the process. We aim to provide a calm and comfortable environment, with our all-female staff ensuring privacy at all times

Our team includes oncoplastic breast surgeons, radiologists, nurses, aesthetic/reconstructive plastic surgeons, oncologists, coordinators and other supportive departments such as a nutrition clinic, physiotherapy, psychiatry and medical internists. Each one is committed to ensuring the best outcome for each pastient.

Together, we can fight and beat breast cancer.


The symptoms that any woman should be aware of include:

  • A newly discovered breast lump or an old lump that has grown
  • Any change in breast texture, such as hardening, swelling and tethering
  • Any hard lump in the armpit
  • Skin changes such as edema, redness, orange-peel texture and dimpling
  • Nipple discharge.  In most cases this is normal except when it is blood stained. If there is pus then infection might be the cause. If the discharge is milk like and you are not breast feeding, it could be related to an abnormal milk hormone (prolactin) levels

Scope of breast diseases /conditions that we manage

 The scope of conditions that our experienced team deal with include:

  • Breast pain (mastalgia/mastodynia)
  • Fibrocystic breast changes (or disease)
  • Breast cysts (can be micro, macro, simple or complex cysts)
  • Benign breast lumps (fibroadenoma, lipoma, hamartoma, fat necrosis, phylloides tumours)
  • Lactational breast complications (mastitis, breast abscess, breast phlegmon, milk fistula and galactoceles)
  • Premalignant breast conditions such as lesions with atypia, radial scar, atypical ductal hyperplasia (ADH) and atypical lobular hyperlplasia (ALH), papllomatosis, sclerosing adenosis and Paget’s disease of the nipple
  • Inflammatory breast conditions (e.g. granulomatous mastitis, diabetic mastopathy)
  • Infections of the breast (acute and chronic abscesses, periductal mastitis, axillary lymphadenitis, axillary abscesses)
  • Plastic surgery related complications (implant rupture or leak, implant extrusion, infections, corrections of poor cosmetic outcomes, capsular contracture and capsulectomy, exchange of old implants)
  • Congenital breast disorders such as asymmetry, hypertrophy and hypomastia
  • Male breast diseases (breast cancer, gynecomastia, pseudogynecomastia)


Our services include:

  • Diagnostic and screening radiology services 
  • State of the art ultrasound machines. We have three brands to assure high quality images with advanced features such as elastography
  • Digital mammography with 3D technology (Tomosynthesis)
  • A 3 Tesla latest MRI machine with dedicated breast coils and shortest body coverage. For claustrophobic patients we can help with sedation supervised by professional team
  • All modalities can perform guided core biopsy procedures and other sophisticated techniques such as vacuum assisted biopsy (VAB). This could be ultrasound, mammography/stereotactic or MRI guided. We will shortly have computer assisted digital reading CAD systems to assure highest level of accuracy
  • Localization procedure prior to surgical excision including wires, as well as the latest technology in wireless localisation by seed implantation (Magseed )
  • Second opinion for imaging issues such as the presence of microcalcifications, difficult cases and unclear/inconclusive  radiological reporting done in other facilities, as well as those who have received treatment previously abroad and have relocated to the UAE
  • Gene testing for high risk cases, as well as, genetic counselling services
  • Medical clearance for women wishing to proceed with aesthetic plastic surgery or women who have fertility issues wishing to proceed with hormonal treatments or IVF. Additionally, we conduct complete clinical and radiological assessment prior to initiation of hormonal medication intake for women who have menopausal issues and wish to start on HRT, to ensure their safety and we follow up them up for monitoring onwards

Breast cancer comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach: starting with early detection, to diagnosis and then proceeding as fast as possible with tailored medical management. This approach involves referral to oncologists for staging (with latest technologies including PET CT scanning) and medical treatments (with chemotherapy, immunotherapy, hormonal and targeted medications). Our qualified surgeons are trained to conduct different procedures for breast cancer treating surgeries with immediate/delayed breast reconstruction. We can also refer patients for radiotherapy treatment, all within Mediclinic facilities, to ensure patients receive an integrated and cohesive treatment plan.

  • Pathology assessment with CAP accredited laboratory and expert pathologists. We can obtain second opinions from both local and international laboratories when needed.
  • Plastic surgery performed by  highly qualified plastic surgeons, who have mastered all types of aesthetic as well as reconstructive procedures. Our departments collaborate to ensure the best outcomes. Procedures include augmentation with implants, reduction of breasts, correction of deformities, fat transfer, immediate and delayed breast reconstruction using different techniques including flaps (Latissimus dorsi and TRAMP flaps). We use the latest materials (implants and mesh). Breast reconstruction is conducted with micro vascular technique (DIEP flap, muscle sparing free TRAM flap). We also offer nipple reconstruction and tattooing
  • Holistic support. We are very passionate about risk reduction and prevention measures, raising awareness, promoting healthy lifestyles, alternative and holistic supportive services
  • Physiotherapy referral to manage all cases of post-surgical swollen limbs (lymphedema), frozen shoulders, and scar therapy
  • Psychological support during the treatment journey. Mental health is of utmost importance to us.
  • Genetic counselling for high risk cases based on their family history in liaison with local and international experts

Our surgeons are certified and expert in all procedures, including the latest oncoplastic breast surgeries. Some of the surgeries performed are lumpectomy, mastectomy, skin sparing, skin-nipple sparing mastectomy, and microdochectomy (to remove milk ducts with a pathology within). They proficiently perform the latest sentinel node biopsy (removal of few nodes) in addition to full axillary node clearance when it is mandated.

We try our best to book appointments with both surgeons and radiologists on the same day. If same day booking is not possible, we facilitate and guide patients with their booking; however, if a case is labelled suspicious, we trigger a code called “triple assessment” which is composed of clinical examination by the surgeon, mammogram and breast scan by the radiologist followed by ultrasound guided tissue biopsy taken from the suspicious lesion within 24-48 hours maximum. We provide the histopathological results within 48-72 hours for these suspicious cases.

One stop shop: applied for new concerning findings. The patient will be seen by the breast surgeon and referred on the same day for diagnostic imaging for reassurance.

Triple assessment:  applied for a suspicious breast lesion. The assessment is composed of clinical examination by the surgeon, mammogram and breast scan by the radiologist followed by ultrasound guided tissue biopsy taken from the suspicious lesion within 24-48 hours maximum.

Combined appointment (diagnostic and clinical).  For regular follow up, a combined appointment at the same day will be arranged by our team.

Mediclinic Parkview Hospital is also affiliated with Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences (MBRU) from both an academic and research perspective.  We are proud to help inspire, train and mentor the next generation of young doctors as part of Mediclinic's mission of excellence in healthcare.