Neonatology is a subspeciality of paediatrics that is focused on the medical  are of new born infants, especially ill or premature newborns.

Our level III NICU team of neonatologists and nurses provides a family centred approach to care encompassing the parents and infant as a single unit. The family is included in all decision making and kept well informed with clear explanation of the baby’s treatment.

The neonatal intensive care unit at Mediclinic Parkview Hospital provides:

  • Level III NICU services
  • 22 beds
  • Free metabolic and newborn hearing screening
  • 24 hour paediatric surgery and cardiology cover
  • Skin to skin (kangaroo care)  which helps baby’s progress and encourages the introduction of exclusive breastfeeding
  • Dedicated private breastfeeding rooms within the NICU
  • Advanced technology and evidence based treatment modalities – these include high frequency ventilation support and various forms of oxygen therapy
  • Continuous haemodynamic monitoring, pulse oximetry
  • Continuous cardiac monitoring, blood exchange transfusion, administration of medications
  • Total prenatal nutrition and high intensity photography where needed
  • 24 hour care - Including in-house coverage for high risk deliveries with every delivery attended by a neonatologist

The unit provides care to a full spectrum of newborns. They range from extremely premature infants from 24 weeks to term or near term high risk and critically ill babies, to babes less critical but still recovering and maturing.