From the time you walk through the door at Mediclinic Parkview to the time you leave with your newborn, we at Mediclinic Parkview are taking precautions for your safety and that of your baby.

  • Upon entry to the hospital for any maternity/labour issue you will be directed directly to the labour room- no need to go via the Emergency Department.
  • Every patient and visitor is screened for signs and symptoms of covid 19 to ensure only symptom free patientsgain access to the labour and maternity wards.
  • Our midwives and maternity nurses work exclusively on the labour ward and maternity ward - they are not deployed to other areas of the hospital.
  • Our ancillary staff work only on the maternity and labor wards - they are not cleaning the rooms or serving patients with covid 19.
  • We have limited visitors to the labour and maternity wards but HUSBANDS ARE ALLOWED IN LABOUR AND DELVIERY AND IN C-SECTIONS for non-covid positive patients.
  • All surgical patients are screened for covid 19 prior to surgery.
  • We have a well thought out plan on how to best care for any woman with covid 19  or if suspected of having covid 19. We meet on a regular basis to revise or update the plan depending on the current situation in the UAE - which may differ for that of the UK, US or other countries.
  • We have an ample supply of PPE and we will wear PPE while caring for any patient suspected of having covid 19.

These measures are taken with your best interests at heart. They are subject to change as we learn more about covid 19 and as the pandemic develops.

Please also feel free to discuss with any of our doctors.