Aviation medicine services are now available at Mediclinic Airport Road Hospital.

Mediclinic Airport Road Hospital is the first private hospital in Abu Dhabi to be authorised by General Civil Aviation Authority to operate its Aviation Medicine Clinic as an approved Medical Facility.

The Aviation Medicine clinic has two Aeromedical Examiners and a GCAA approved Ophthalmologist, and is expanding to have more GCAA approved specialists within the facility in the future.

The doctors who staff the Aviation Medicine Clinic are fully aware of the pressures and anxieties faced by airline staff and make sure that medical examinations are curried out with outmost confidentiality and ethical personalised care and finalised without delay.   

​Aviation Medicine is a medical speciality which combines aspects of preventative, occupational, environmental and clinical medicine with the physiology and psychology of man in flight e.g. pilots, aircrews etc.  It is concerned with the health and safety of those who fly, both crew and passengers, as well as the selection and performance of those who hold aviation licenses.

Requirements include checks of vision, hearing , physical examination, electrocardiogram (ECG), lung function, blood cholesterol, blood hemoglobin, chest x-ray, urine, drugs and period of validity.

Aviation medicine services are also available at Mediclinic Parkview Hospital In Dubai.

For more details please call us on 02 4944426, 02 4944605 or 056 6875259