The Neurology department at Mediclinic Airport Road Hospital offers an appropriate team approach for nervous system care with comprehensive case management and the development of an individualised treatment plan.

Our expert team is committed to providing the highest quality of healthcare services to patients with central and peripheral nervous system related disorders.

Services include:

  • Cerebrovascular pathology (stroke)
  • Epilepsy (adult and adolescent)
  • Headache (adult and adolescent)
  • Movements disorders (tremors, Parkinson’s disease and apparent syndromes)
  • Peripheral nervous system disorders (polyneuropathies, myopathies, myasthenia, radiculopathies, plexopathies)
  • Multiple sclerosis and other inflammatory disease of central nervous system
  • Dementia , Alzheimer’s disease and other cognitive disorders
  • Sleep disorders and further sleep study
  • EEG (awake and asleep) and further video EEG
  • EMG and nerve conduction study
  • Botulinum toxin (Botox) for migraine treatment,  movement disorders  and pain management