Our family medicine physicians can be the first contact for patients of all ages. They offer a broad range of services including diagnostic services for adults and children, general examinations or wellness checks and management of minor injuries.

They are knowledgeable about a wide range of conditions and will be able to appropriately refer to a specialist if necessary. The benefit of seeing a primary care doctor, whether a family medicine specialist or a general practitioner, is that they can do the primary evaluation of your condition. In many cases they’ll be able to completely manage your condition, requesting  investigations when appropriate. A primary care doctor can also liaise with different specialists in order to be the doctor that overlooks your whole medical care. If need be, you can be referred appropriately for additional services and consultations.

Your family medicine physician can provide:

  • General consultations and visits for sick adults and children
  • Management of chronic health conditions
  • Wellness checks including female and male health reviews. Male doctors are trained to do gynaecological care, if the patient so desires
  • Vaccination visits for travel and routine vaccine updates for adults and children
  • Management of minor injuries
  • Evaluation of any medical concern and referral to the appropriate specialist when necessary
  • Evaluation of mental and emotional health as well as treatment or referral as appropriate
  • Implementation of preventive services as appropriate for age and gender

Your primary care physician will handle your medical concerns, while taking into consideration your lifestyle, work and family and will assist you in taking your health related decisions in the way that best suits your entire  situation.