The diagnostic radiology field has greatly expanded and improved in the recent years, becoming an essential part of the workup of the diagnosis and follow-up of most diseases, as well as the selection of the best management of the condition.

Services include:

  • Fetal anomalies and follow up of normal and complicated pregnancies 
  • Advanced paediatric diagnostics
  • Advanced women’s imaging, notably breast diseases with high end MRI and mammography techniques 
  • Advanced musculoskeletal imaging with MRI/Sonography/Arthrography techniques 
  • Advanced neuro imaging ( MRI  diffusion/Perfusion/Spectroscopy/Tractography) 
  • Advanced cardiac disease diagnostic unit (CT cardiac and coronary imaging/MRI cardiac perfusion scans/Cardiac morphology) 
  • Advanced Oncology diagnostics (Triphasics exams/Whole body diffusion/Nuclear exams/Biopsies etc.)