Critically ill patients are normally admitted into critical care via the Emergency department, via the wards or following theatre if they require closer monitoring and additional organ support.

Our state-of-the art intensive care unit (ICU) is currently commissioned for 18 beds which are mainly for patients with at risk of/established organ dysfunction such as respiratory, cardiac, hepatic, renal or neurological failure.

The high dependency unit (HDU), with 18 operating beds, admits patients who are less acutely unwell, such as post-operative elective minor surgical patients, or emergency medical patients.

Both the ICU and HDU are run by a team of consultant intensivists (senior doctors specially trained in managing critically ill patients). Highly trained doctors are available 24/7 in the ICU, along with critical care trained nurses, respiratory therapists, and a team of physiotherapists, technologists, pharmacists, dieticians and secretarial support. 

Our aim is to deliver very high quality critical care in an environment that is appropriate and safe to meet the needs of all patients.

We are specialist providers of a wide range of disciplines which include neurosurgery, GIT surgery, oncology, cardiac surgery, renal surgery, stroke, vascular surgery and urology. The code blue team and the rapid response team for the critical patients in the hospital leaded by ICU experts. The ICU is considered as a referral centre from all areas in Abu Dhabi.

In addition our main core of services include:

  • Mechanical ventilation
  • Dialysis
  • Invasive haemodynamic monitoring
  • Respiratory therapy