At Mediclinic Airport Road Hospital in Abu Dhabi, our state-of-the-art Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and High Dependency Unit (HDU) offer specialised care for critically ill patients. The ICU and HDU serve as essential components of our hospital's infrastructure, providing tailored care and monitoring for patients with various levels of critical illness.

Admission Criteria and Specialised Care

Critically ill patients are admitted to our critical care units through multiple routes, including the Emergency Department, wards, or post-theatre, based on their need for closer monitoring and additional organ support. The ICU, currently commissioned for 16 beds, primarily caters to patients at risk of or with established organ dysfunction—respiratory, cardiac, hepatic, renal, or neurological failure.

High Dependency Unit (HDU)

Our HDU comprises 10 operating beds and admits patients who are less acutely unwell, such as post-operative elective minor surgical patients or those with emergency medical conditions. It functions as an intermediate care unit providing specialised attention and monitoring to patients who require less acute care than those in the ICU.

Specialised Staff and 24/7 Care

Both the ICU and HDU are managed by a dedicated team of consultant intensivists—senior doctors specially trained in managing critically ill patients. Around-the-clock availability of highly trained doctors, critical care-trained nurses, respiratory therapists, physiotherapists, technologists, pharmacists, dieticians, and secretarial support ensures comprehensive and specialised care for each patient.

Comprehensive Services and Referral Center

As a specialist provider in various disciplines—neurosurgery, gastrointestinal surgery, oncology, cardiac surgery, renal surgery, stroke, vascular surgery, and urology—the ICU serves as a referral centre from all areas in Abu Dhabi. Additionally, our Code Blue and Rapid Response teams, led by ICU experts, swiftly respond to critical patient needs throughout the hospital.

Core Services

The core services offered in our ICU and HDU encompass a wide spectrum of critical care needs:

Mechanical Ventilation: Specialised support for patients requiring assistance with breathing.

Dialysis: Renal replacement therapy for patients with acute or chronic kidney conditions.

Invasive Haemodynamic Monitoring: Precise monitoring of heart function and blood flow.

Respiratory Therapy: Expert interventions and support for respiratory conditions.

 Delivering Exceptional Critical Care

At the ICU in Mediclinic Airport Road Hospital in Abu Dhabi, our primary objective is to deliver exceptionally high-quality critical care within a safe and appropriate environment that meets the diverse needs of all patients. Our ICU and HDU are equipped with cutting-edge facilities, staffed by expert professionals dedicated to providing individualiesd and top-quality care for every patient.