Our team of dermatologists is committed to providing the highest quality of expert care to patients. This includes the treatment of all skin, hair and nail diseases e.g psoriasis vulgaris , vitiligo , eczema, all types of alopecia, etc. using the most advanced guidelines and therapeutic modalities (excimer laser, phototherapy, biologic treatments). Diagnosis and management all infectious, immunologic, degenerative, neoplastic skin diseases and sexually transmitted diseases is also provided to patients of all ages.

Minor surgical procedures are available using advanced technologies such as skin biopsy for the diagnosis of different skin diseases and skin tumours, cytological smears, scraping and KOH examination for fungal infections, curettage, electrosurgery, cryotherapy and chemocautery for benign skin tumours.

Our expert dermatologists team also provide the highest quality of aesthetic dermatology services to treat all patients’ cosmetic concerns:  wrinkles, hair fall, uneven colour of the skin, stretch marks, all types of scars, wide pores, different types of pigmentations (melasma, freckles), excess body and facial  hair and  skin rejuvenation. By providing a wide range of aesthetic procedures (Botox injection, filler injections, PRP, mesotherapy, dermapen, derma roller, chemical peeling, laser hair removal, fractional laser).