Gallstones disease can manifest itself in various ways. Typical presentation is pain in the right upper abdomen with radiation to the back. A diagnosis can be made on an ultrasound of the abdomen.

Complications of gallstone disease:

  • Pain (biliary colic)
  • Infection (acute cholecystitis)
  • Obstruction (mucocele or empyema/abscess)
  • Perforation (into abdominal cavity, duodenum or colon)
  • Obstructive jaundice (Mirrizi’s Syndrome, stones in common bile duct)
  • Ascending cholangitis (infection in common bile duct)
  • Pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas gland)
  • Cancer of gall bladder (rare)

These complications can occur at any stage. Patients with some or more of these ongoing complications are advised to seek medical advice.

Multidisciplinary specialist management of gallstones disease

At Mediclinic Parkview Hospital, we offer specialist clinics to deal with gallstones disease and all its complications.

Treatment offered include:

  • Laparoscopic cholecystectomy
  • MRCP (Magnetic Resonance Cholangio Pancreatography)
  • ERCP (Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangio Pancreatography)
  • Spy glass treatment
  • Laparoscopic exploration of common bile duct

Our team of specialists include surgeons, gastroenterologists and radiologists who have extensive experience and specialist interest in treating gallbladder stones and stones in the common bile duct.


We offer advanced facilities for assessment and treatment of gallbladder disease with state-of-the-art equipment in radiology, surgery (dedicated integrated hybrid operating theatres with 4K and 3D technology) and endoscopy.