Hernias occur due to weakness in the muscles of the abdomen or groin. This causes the internal organs to protrude out, sometimes leading to strangulation. Treatment of hernias is mostly with surgery, however in less risky cases, wait and watch can be an option.

Hernia surgery is recognised as a speciality on its own in many European countries. In the Middle East and especially Dubai there has been an increasing emphasis on the recognition of the importance of hernia surgery and the modern advances in hernia treatment.

Surgeons at Mediclinic Parkview Hospital keep abreast of the latest innovations in surgery, material, prostheses, biological grafts and meshes, in order to offer and perform bespoke surgery for patients with different type of hernias.

One cannot underestimate the importance of the operating theatre environment, which includes at Mediclinic Parkview Hospital:

  • Operating equipment in the form of theatre operating stacks and visual screens
  • 4K and 3D equipment in a hybrid integrated theatre setting
  • Ergonomics of operating theatre with appropriately integrated equipment
  • Theatre hand Instruments
  • Appropriate training of theatre nursing staff and exposure to advanced surgery

At Mediclinic Parkview Hospital, we have probably one of the best selections of equipment available anywhere in the Middle East and Europe, allowing flexibility, versatility and the option of performing the latest and most innovative operations on hernias.