Joint replacement is actually is a misnomer; it is cartilage replacement in most of cases.

What is joint replacement surgery? 

Joint replacement surgery is the procedure where a damaged or diseased cartilage is removed and replaced with a new prosthesis.  Knee and hip joint replacements are the most commonly performed procedures in this area.

When is joint replacement surgery required?

Joint replacement surgery is one of the last lines of treatment when all other treatment options such as physical therapy and medication have been exhausted. Joint pain, joint deformation and movement restriction issues are effectively corrected through joint replacement surgery. 

Who benefits from joint replacement surgery?

Joint replacement surgery is often recommended to patients who are suffering from severe osteoarthritis of the joint, rheumatoid arthritic joints, psoriatic arthropathy or any joint disease that leads to deformity, pain and limiting of the range of motion.

Globally more than 30 million people are affected by osteoarthritis which is one of the reasons for joint degeneration. Other conditions such as trauma and fractures related to osteoarthritis also lead to joint replacement.